An expert security advisory service for business of all sizes

Experience is vital in helping organisations to protect their infrastructure, data, people and customers. My Virtual CISO (vCISO) service works with your management and technical teams to define and implement security, compliance, and governance policies and procedures.

Security doesn’t have to be at a considerable cost to organisations. As the former CIO/CISO of New Zealand’s foreign intelligence agency, Government Communications Security Bureau, and the National Cyber Security Centre, I experienced all aspects of cyber security. As the former CDO/CISO of New Zealand’s primary data agency, Statistics NZ, I know it’s about enabling safe access and reuse.

Providing an excellent security program in today’s environment with today’s resources is a challenge. My experience helps me understand the gap between expectations and resources facing organisations and the right areas to prioritise. Therefore, I offer several solutions to assist organisations, including within the vCISO, as well as consulting guidance in security leadership.

My Virtual vCIO and vCISO service can be provided on an on-demand time and materials basis. You can engage me to consult at crucial decision points in your strategic delivery only as needed or as an ongoing engagement priced per month.

Opportunities include:

  • Building a cohesive business-aligned, security strategy and roadmap
  • Improving understanding of your current security state and maintaining and enhancing controls and processes
  • Establishing security governance and leadership, including executive reporting
  • Establishing a security Education program with social engineering checks
  • Develop threat awareness and incident response framework
  • Establish security operations processes, including assessment, operations development, talent allocation/training and threat modelling
  • Guiding, supporting and advising on all aspects of security delivery
  • Providing mentoring and training to your existing security staff